Unsupported provider "unsplash"

Hey folks,

  • We updated our Node.js companion server to ^3.1.0
  • We put our Unsplash API key into providerOptions
  • But when we run our code we get ‘provider.options.skip skipping one found unsupported provider “unsplash”’ notification in the terminal.
  • And when front-end try to connect companion it return 501 with ‘Not Implemented’

Any idea?


Could you share how you configured Uppy? Uppy works for me locally with latest companion.



Is it enough to show the configuration? or do you need to know another things too?


When we changed this in @uppy/companion/lib/server/middleware.js:

const { searchProviders } = req.companion.options.providerOptions;

to this:

const searchProviders = req.companion.options.providerOptions;

it looks like it worked. any idea?

we found the solution. we put into options like this instead of showed at docs:

searchProviders: {
unsplash: {
key: ‘xxxx’,
secret: ‘xxxx’

Hi, sorry for the late reply and thanks for keeping this thread updated. If the docs are wrong, I’ll take a look at fixing them!