Unsplash doesn't fetch the file

Hey folks,

Finally I successfully integrated Unsplash. I’m able to search and choose. But when I click the upload client try to reach companion via /search/unsplash/get/6mgYRkxG3 using OPTIONS method companion return no data with 204 code.

I tried to call that endpoint using POST method via Postman and it worked.

Any suggestion?

Hi, sorry to hear your unsplash integration has been a tough process. I’m taking a look at this now.

Hey Merlijn please don’t feel sorry. It’s not because of you it’s because we’re not so experienced with uppy :slight_smile: but if you help us to understand and solve issue I will appreciate :pray:

@Merlijn Hi, I have the same issue search working fine but the upload doesn’t work.

Took a bit to figure out what went wrong but I just created a fix. We’ll release this when it’s approved and merged.

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@Merlijn Thank you for fixing the issue, is there is any way to install this fix from GitHub without waiting for a release

I’m creating a release now. But due to our switch to yarn this now requires some config changes which I’m figuring out. You can expect a release somewhere today.

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@Merlijn thank you so much for your efforts awesome work :heart: :heart:

You can find the fix in @uppy/unsplash version 2.0.2. It is not yet in the CDN bundle release, which requires some further changes to our release configuration.

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thank you, you’ve done a great job :ok_hand: