Tusd removal of uploaded file and associated multipart / tmp resources from minio S3 storage backend


Hopefully, posting this in the correct place.

I am a newbie using tusd for serving uploaded files on minio S3 storage with uppy incorporated into the front end. So far, finding all of these excellent, they have made development much easier :smiley:

I am in the process of implementing removal of an uploaded file and associated resources. From what I have read the tus protocol specifies the termination Tus-Extension to DELETE uploaded resources. I have used the Rested plugin in Opera browser to send a DELETE request and can see that the file object in the minio bucket is removed in addition to the associated metadata info file.

Upon inspecting the minio /data folder there are two folders:

  1. multipart
  2. tmp

The resources associated with the uploaded file do not appear to be removed from these folders when a DELETE request is issued.

Is there any way that I can remove these resources when a DELETE request is issued?

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Hi there, since you also opened an issue on GitHub about this, I will link my response here: https://github.com/tus/tusd/issues/221

Hi marius,

Thanks for responding. I have seen and responded to your response on GitHub, at:

For info, I have raised an issue on minio GitHub at: https://github.com/minio/minio/issues/6913. Currently, this is being investigated, possibly as part of regression…



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