Uploaded Transloadit Files?

I just wanted to clarify something about uploaded files.

It says here: Transloadit will save your files only temporarily. These temporary file URLs expire after 24 hours , making them inaccessible. https://transloadit.com/docs/#17-saving-conversion-results

When I use an assembly to upload to transloadit then process and store on S3 I get a series of different URL’s returned. When I look at the assembly results there are three buttons: Details, Open, and Download.

Details opens a modal dialog that gives me three URL’s: the tus_upload_url + two S3 Urls - an http one and a https one.
The Open button has a link to one of the S3 direct file urls.
But the download button has a link to https://transloadit.com/download/the_url:aHR0c[…more long string of characters]

Is that download link redirecting to one of the S3 links or somewhere else?
Can you confirm that after 24 hours no files exist on Tus or Transloadit if I have used an assembly to process and upload to S3? So the only files existing from the whole process are on S3?

I assume the 24 hours time window is to allow retries to upload to S3 (or elsewhere) in the event of network issues?

Good questions yes thanks for asking.

When you don’t use an export Robot, all resulting paths point to our temporary storage. Indeed, files are deleted after 24h, also the tusd temporary files. Some reasoning can be found in https://transloadit.com/docs/faq/temporary-purge-sooner/.

When you do use an export Robot and save the results in your own storage, the files are obviously not purged unless your storage was set up this way. We then substitute the temporary paths with the paths of your storage in the results array.

The two different buttons all point to the same canonical url for a result, open just points to it directly, and download proxies it through a script on our website that adds an HTTP header or two so make sure the file does not open in your browser, but really actually downloads. This can be useful for files with the text/html content type, or similar.

Does this address all the questions/concerns you had?

Yes, thanks very much.

A question to this: i have testet Some uploads on uppy.io on wendsday evening! And this Files are still avaliable for Download! Why, Does this files Not Delete After 24 Hours? Thanks a lot for your reply!

Hi Marcus, should not happen! We’re looking into this!

Hey there,

Actually files are deleted after 3 days and not 24 hours. We will fix the docs regarding this.