Allow duplicate files whist keeping the resumable feature

Hi there,

I have an Uppy/Tus node js application with s3 integration.

Every time a user starts a new upload, a request is sent to the server which responds with a unique file id in the form of an uploadURL. These upload urls are then stored by the FE and sent to a metadata db for storage.

We have the concepts of datasets in this metadata db so we’d like users to be able to upload the same file, should they wish, in different datasets.

The issue is that whilst i can create random unique IDs for every uploaded file (using a namingFunction), there are some low-level comms going on between uppy and tus which means my endpoint isn’t being hit. I haven’t figured out how exactly how it knows, I’m assuming it builds a sha based on some metadata.

I presume this ties in with the resumable uploads feature as well, in that forcing a new upload every time will render the resumable functionality pointless.

Is there any around this?


This is an example of my working server:

const datafileS3Store = new S3Store({
  s3ClientConfig: {
    bucket: "test",
    region: 'eu-west-2',
    endpoint: process.env.S3_ENDPOINT,
    credentials: {
      accessKeyId: "test",
      secretAccessKey: "test"

 * init the server and set the callback, these are blocking calls, EVENTS are not
const tusDatafileServer = new Server({
  respectForwardedHeaders: true,
  path: '/upload',
  datastore: datafileS3Store,
  namingFunction: () => {
    // Generate a 32-character hexadecimal ID
    return crypto.randomBytes(4).toString('hex')
  // callback provided by tus, gets called for each upload
  async onUploadCreate (request, reply, upload) {
    try {
     // do some logic` uploading : id:${}, size:${upload.size}`)
    } catch (err) {
      logger.error(` Error in onUploadCreate: ${err}`)
      throw (err)
    }` reply code: ${reply.statusCode}`)
    return reply

I’m sure I understand what you want. There is a PR open to do duplicate tus uploads with multiple Uppy instances on the client. However it’s probably preferable to handle duplicate uploads on the server.

What I’m assuming you want is:

  • When a user is starting a new upload and they want it duplicated.
    • Send along extra tus metadata to indicate this and handle it in onUploadFinish with custom logic to duplicate the upload elsewhere in S3 with the S3 SDK.
  • The user already uploaded a file, comes back later, and wants it duplicated.
    • Probably best to call your own backend to handle this.
    • Or when you think about it, a user wanting to upload to different datasets, you could just add the dataset in the metadata and use the request to determine where to put it. Then you can reuse the exact same flow on the FE, assuming you’re okay with letting them do two uploads.