Tus hardware requirements for large uploads

Hi, I am trying to figure out how many cpu and ram would need a tusd server when used for uploading large files (1gb approx) to a s3 bucket, average connections, and around 10 concurrent uploads.

I made some test but they are not reliable :D. Do you know any tool, like ab, to make these tests? or at least can you give some idea/links?
I want to try AWS ECS with a couple of tusd containers with 1gb each and 2cpus.
Thanks in advance!

Hi Arial,

I can share some experience with our production systems. tusd has a relative low memory usage and we rarely see it exceed 100MB. In that regard, 1GB is enough.

On the other hand, CPU usage for uploads to S3 is relatively high due to the need of disk I/O (for temporary storage), HTTPS encryption and signature calculations. We used 2 cores for our tusd instances in the past but found that they often experienced high load. I would recommend at least 4 cores per tusd instance to have a smoother service.

Hope that helps!