Tus Commercial Support Contract Questions

I’d like to procure commercial support for Tus, but have a few questions:

  1. Is there a minimum length to the commercial support contract?

  2. Is it possible to move between different support tiers? For example, can we start at the gold level and move to silver after 3 months? Can we move back up to gold tier from silver tier, if needed for a specific amount of time?

  3. We are currently running on Tus v1.10.0 and would ideally like consultation and support for upgrading to v2.0.0 and later versions. Is that level of support available in the gold tier? Do we have to upgrade to specific version to qualify for support?

Hello Anthony, thanks for reaching out on our support forum. There is no fixed minimum contract length and it is possible to move between the different support level. We are happy to help you with upgrading to tusd v2.

If you are interested, I would ask you to reach out to support@transloadit.com for an inquiry.