Transloadit:complete event not firing


I’m having trouble figuring out why none of the transloadit events seem to be firing in my setup.

initialize() {
  this.key ="key");
  this.template ="template");
  this.uppy = this.buildUppy();

buildUppy() {
  return new Uppy({
    debug: true,
    autoProceed: false,
    waitForEncoding: true,
    restrictions: {
      minNumberOfFiles: 1,
      maxNumberOfFiles: 1,
      maxFileSize: 500000000,
      allowedFileTypes: ["audio/*"],

connect() {
    .use(Transloadit, { params: { auth: { key: this.key }, template_id: this.template } })
    .use(DragDrop, { target: this.ddropTarget })
    .use(StatusBar, { target: this.statusTarget })
    .on("transloadit:complete", (assembly) => console.log("Nothing"))
    .on("upload-success", () => this.onUploadSuccess())
    .on("error", (error) => {
      if (error.assembly) {
        console.log(`Assembly ID ${error.assembly.assembly_id} failed!`);

All of the regular events are working, for example this is the upload ‘complete’ event result, it does show some information from the Transloadit plugin

Any help or guidance on how to proceed would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Okay so I might know why the event isn’t firing.

This issue talks about it.

The waitForEncoding should be passed to Transloadit instead of Uppy