Regression with Uppy 3.24 complete event

Hi !

I recently rebuilt an application that I had finished in March. When inspecting the issue, it became clear that Uppy’s “complete” event no longer passes the same parameter to the callback.

A few months ago, it used to send me a list of received responses, as they were emitted from the remote server using the XHR uploader. Today, it no longer does, and instead I receive this kind of object:

  "successful": [
      "source": "Dashboard",
      "id": "uppy-1472648459472/jpg-1e-image/jpeg-57332-1519900419993",
      "name": "1472648459472.jpg",
      "extension": "jpg",
      "meta": {
        "relativePath": null,
        "name": "1472648459472.jpg",
        "type": "image/jpeg",
        "csrf-token": "O(DpT%jYg2$pC7mz"
      "type": "image/jpeg",
      "data": {
        "lastModified": 1714578556935,
        "lastModifiedDate": "2024-05-01T15:49:16.935Z",
        "name": "1472648459472.jpg"
      "progress": {
        "uploadStarted": 1714578556941,
        "uploadComplete": false,
        "percentage": 100,
        "bytesUploaded": 27120,
        "bytesTotal": 27120
      "size": 27120,
      "isGhost": false,
      "isRemote": false,
      "remote": "",
      "preview": "blob:http://localhost/f198df71-1878-4ce2-a1e5-febf82e8f770"
  "failed": [],
  "uploadID": "kyHxLzcOXTcej_rATwxFB"

This gives me no detail about the response. I do have some data related to my own query (the csrf-token field). But nothing from the response: the file gets uploaded, the server responds properly, but I have no idea how to get data from the response.

Any clue what’s happening to me ? Is that really what I’m supposed to receive from the complete event ?