getResponseData not invoked for Dropbox or Google Drive upload

We have a setup where the upload works successfully and in the past the response data was available on uppyInstance.on('complete', (result) => { result.successful[0].response.body. Basically because getResponseData was involved. After upgrading Uppy it’s missing and if I defined getResponseData it’s invoked for a XHRUpload, but not for Dropbox in the websocket message for example. But the data is there coming from the backend:

The documentation states it should still call getResponseData for Dropbox:

When uploading files from remote providers such as Dropbox or Instagram, Companion sends upload response data to the client. This is made available in the getResponseData() function as well. The response object from Companion has some properties named after their XMLHttpRequest counterparts.

Any ideas why this might be happening?

Identified it as a bug and reported it here response data not passed to `getResponseData` like described when any integration e.g. Dropbox and therefor not available in `uppyInstance.on('complete'` · Issue #4915 · transloadit/uppy · GitHub