Problems with the creation of the assembly

Please help, when I try to create an assembly, I get an error: “error”: “missing_scope /.”
My Template code: 0352b7d6c6a34ed1b43084dedede1100
Assembly ID: 0352b7d6c6a34ed1b43084dedede1100

Hey Andrii!,

What is your App name? Thanks!

I create an assembly in the application Transloadit. Maybe I misunderstood you.

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Here is what I mean:


The name of my program is integromat.

Hi Ethan. Sorry. How about solving my problem?

Hey there,

I took a look at the failed assemblies for that app + template. What’s going on is that the Dropbox access token you’re using doesn’t have the correct scopes in order for us to store files on Dropbox.

Which scopes were selected when after creating your access token? At minimum we would need the oauth scopes for write access.

This screenshot is from an app’s settings in the Dropbox developer console.