Ath/malformed_path/ Dropbox INTERNAL_COMMAND_ERROR

How do you define a dropbox path, i could not find any information about the exact path to enter, I tried every combinations for path nothing works

I get this error

|REASON|DropboxStoreCommand failed with exit code: 1|

This is my assembly (it is success except for uploading the output to dropbox)


“steps”: {
“:original”: {
“robot”: “/upload/handle”
“filter”: {
“use”: “:original”,
“robot”: “/file/filter”,
“accepts”: [
“error_on_decline”: true
“watermark”: {
“use”: “filter”,
“robot”: “/video/encode”,
“watermark_url”: “”,
“watermark_size”: “25%”,
“watermark_position”: “bottom-right”,
“ffmpeg_stack”: “v3.3.3”
“thumbnail”: {
“use”: “watermark”,
“robot”: “/video/thumbs”,
“ffmpeg_stack”: “v3.3.3”,
“count”: 1
“compress-archive”: {
“use”: [
“robot”: “/file/compress”,
“format”: “tar”,
“gzip”: true
“export”: {
“use”: [
“robot”: “/dropbox/store”,
“credentials”: “xxxxxx”,
“path”: “designx”

Hey there,

Sorry for the long time on a response for this. We are in the process of updating our docs. In order to fix this you would need to modify your path like so. "path": "/Apps/<YOUR_DROPBOX_APP_NAME>/designx/${}.${file.ext}

Dropbox requires you to pre-pend any uploads using your API credentials with /Apps/<APP_NAME>. Then you will also need to ensure that the filename is part of the path and that it is unique. Otherwise the current path will export all 3 of your steps as the same filename, designx

If possible can you share an assembly id with us via our chat support for one of the failed assemblies?

Thanks for the reply I have gone with a different solution for now, will keep this mind.