INTERNAL_COMMAND_ERROR as "missing_scope"

Hello, anyone having the solution for such error as below:

|MESSAGE|One of our commands reported an error.|
|REASON|DropboxStoreCommand failed with exit code: 1|

can you please share me the steps for connection with dropbox.


To add credentials you can follow the below steps.

1. Go to your Transloadit dashboard and click “Add new Credentials”

2. Select “Dropbox” for the service, give the credentials set a name, and enter your Dropbox access token. Then click “Save”


3. Use your new Dropbox credentials in a template like so.

In this example I’ll demonstrate an Assembly step for importing a file from your Dropbox storage.

"import_files_from_dropbox": {
  "robot": "/dropbox/import",
  "result": "true",
  "credentials": "my_dropbox_credentials",
  "path": "a_folder/myimage.jpeg"

You may also be wondering how to get your Dropbox access token to begin with. Dropbox has a good short tutorial on how to do it here:

If you’re familiar with Dropbox already you can just go directly to to create an app and generate an access token for your integration!