Multiple Webcam Snapshots Then Uploading

I have a requirement where user will take one or more snapshot (through webcam or mobile phone camera) subsequently then upload these images. This task can be done in uppy uploader, however, it will take several steps (click “Add Files”, click Camera icon, take a snapshot, then repeat these steps over again until you are done then click Upload button).
The new requirements are (1) solely intended to take images with webcam (2) so, upload files from devices or drag n drop are not needed (3) when user wants to upload webcam snapshots, uppy uploader open the camera and remain in the camera mode until user click Done button. (4) final step, click upload button

Any help or hints leading to accomplish these requirements above are greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


Hi, this is currently not possible and it’s a requirement we are unlikely to build ourselves. However, you should be able to fork the webcam plugin and add the three picture requirement yourself in there. Otherwise, I don’t think there is a way around the repetition