I’m trying to use the COMPANION_REDIS_OPTIONS environment variable to add the pingInterval option to maintain my connection to the Redis service (Redis managed on Microsoft Azure), unfortunately, I can’t see any change.

I set the variable as follows:

COMPANION_REDIS_OPTIONS: "{pingInterval:60000}"

Am I missing something?

Hi. Seems that redis is pinned to v4.2.0 uppy/packages/@uppy/companion/package.json at f27b1f1cd21869530e18d9d3fe5e29ee03c014bd · transloadit/uppy · GitHub which pins @redis/client": "1.2.0". however redis did not support pingInterval until @redis/client1.4.0: Release client@1.4.0 · redis/node-redis · GitHub

we will upgrade redis in companion, and probably make it not pinned to a specific version.

OK, nice :+1:t3: !

Do you need an issue on Github to trace the request ?

nope. made a PR herE: upgrade redis by mifi · Pull Request #5065 · transloadit/uppy · GitHub

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Nice, thanks !! Any idea how long it will take for the next release to incorporate this change ?

have released a new vesrion now