Stand alone installation

Hi All! How do we install companion on a server which already runs apache on port 80? We have already searched through and have yet to find a solution. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


Hello! Sorry for the late reply, but hopefully I can be of assistance. If you’d like to run companion on a different port (other than port 80), you can use the COMPANION_PORT environment variable to tell the standalone instance which port you’d like to use. If your goal is to rather have companion running with the Apache server on a specific route (e.g. /companion/), then you should be to: Run companion on a different port; Use Apache’s reverse proxy capabilities to redirect traffic to this server for a specific route.

I’m not super familiar with using Apache, so I’ll refrain from providing an example, but here’s a section from the Apache docs, that explains this pretty simply.

I hope this helps, and let me know if you have any questions.