HLS encode cost

Hello everyone,

I have been using Transloadit to convert a video to HLS format, everything looks fine, but the final cost is so high compared to the original video size.

I’m using a very basic template which only encode the the video to 1080p and export it to a s3 bucket:

  "steps": {
    ":original": {
      "robot": "/upload/handle"
    "high": {
      "use": ":original",
      "robot": "/video/encode",
      "ffmpeg_stack": "v3.3.3",
      "preset": "hls-1080p"
    "adaptive": {
      "use": {
        "steps": [
        "bundle_steps": true
      "robot": "/video/adaptive",
      "ffmpeg_stack": "v3.3.3",
      "playlist_name": "my_playlist.m3u8",
      "technique": "hls"
    "exported": {
      "use": [
      "robot": "/s3/store",
      "credentials": "AmazonS3"

I also try to change the ffmpeg parameters, but the final cost result is very similiar.

Is there a way to reduce this cost?

Hey there,

Sorry for the long delay here. The Steps charge input size plus output size I am afraid.
If you send me the Assembly’s support reference ID I can break the cost down for you.

Hey Tim,

Thanks for reply! You’re right, the output size is way bigger than the input, probably I did some bad configuration with the ffmpeg parameters.

Unfortunately I don’t have the support reference ID anymore, it seems like the assemblies is only available for 7 days.

But anyways, when I have a chance I’ll try again with a different ffmpeg parameters.