Handle google-drive file

Hi there,

I’m using uppy with firebase storage.
I created a custom Plugin for this purpose.

It is working fine when I take a file from my device.

Now I have created and connected a companion for google-drive.

I can see and select from client-side my files from google-drive however when I now try to upload it it is of course not working as my custom plugin is designed to work with File or Blob object.

Is there any documentation on how to handle the upload from serverside when the source is “GoogleDrive” ?

Thank you

Hey there!

I don’t know exactly how to resolve this, but I have a few questions and a few ideas that might help.

First off, does the plugin work with over sources besides direct upload, like Dropbox, Instagram, etc?

Either way, my main recommendation is to look through the code of other destinations and see how they handle this issue.

Side Note: If Firebase is ran off GCP, then couldn’t you set it up in compatibility mode with the S3 destination?

Anyway, if you look through how the S3 plugin is constructed, it should be fairly simple to imitate that code. I think this function might help with uploading remote files. It seems to get the body and url of the file and use that to resolve it.

I hope one of these suggestions works. Good luck!

- Andrew