Font not applied in text watermark

Our project needs to generate text watermark on images.
But there is a problem that we can’t change the font of the text.
Although we had config it as Ma-Shan-Zheng-Regular, which is listed in the supported font list, the font of created texts remained the same.

The assembly id is 625b6ac981d3438a8f8ce28d16660016 if needed.
The full json of the assembly is as below:

  "steps": {
    "import": {
      "robot": "/google/import",
      "credentials": "XXX Storage Manager",
      "path": "uploaded-images-auto-resize/16f10500-d87c-47b8-a40b-f62bb8abff94_1000x1000.webp"
    "filter": {
      "use": "import",
      "robot": "/file/filter",
      "accepts": [
      "error_on_decline": true
    "watermark": {
      "use": "filter",
      "robot": "/image/resize",
      "imagemagick_stack": "v2.0.7",
      "text": [
          "text": "SASA",
          "size": 24,
          "font": "Ma-Shan-Zheng-Regular",
          "color": "#eeeeee",
          "valign": "bottom",
          "align": "right",
          "x_offset": 16,
          "y_offset": -10
      "result": true
    "export": {
      "use": [
      "robot": "/google/store",
      "credentials": "XXX Storage Manager",
      "path": "output-images/5d18b20e-9491-478f-99bf-559f581b2e35.webp",
      "acl": "bucket-owner-full-control"
  "allow_steps_override": true,
  "template_id": "ae9c7061351142d29ba43a95b140e15e",
  "notify_url": "xxxxxxx",
  "auth": {
    "key": "****",
    "expires": "2022-03-25T08:57:36.482Z"