AudioArtworkTool failed / ignore artwork when encoding mp3

TL;DR - Is there a way to exclude artwork with the /audio/encode robot?

I’m using the /audio/encode robot to convert audio to a constant bitrate of 96kbps. My assembly step looks like this:

"encode_mp3": {
  "use": "concat",
  "robot": "/audio/encode",
  "preset": "mp3",
  "bitrate": 96,
  "ffmpeg_stack": "v4.3.1"

This has been working reliably for over 100 files, but for one particular file it’s failing with this error:

AudioArtworkTool failed with exit code: 1. There was a problem inserting audio artwork for file 2512831276fc9aeaa2e234bfa4e7a0b5_0d289fe_91ba2f_38c9bc2efb1a60a724afb9999fcd76b1.

TBH I don’t actually want artwork embedded in my files - I don’t need it and I’d prefer to save the bandwidth and avoid any of these errors in the future. Is there a way to exclude artwork with the /audio/encode robot? Perhaps some ffmpeg magic I could feed into the ffmpeg field? If not, how would I go about debugging artwork-related errors?


P.S. We just started using Transloadit at our company and it’s been delightful. The APIs are so easy to work with and the results are top-notch. We briefly tried to use ffmpeg ourselves and discovered the hard way how much pain a service like Transloadit can save you.