Getting rid of the colon in :original

Is there a way to store an original version of a file without having the ugly colon in the :original step name?

Hello, we have that as a predefined unique value for your input Step, so no, we can’t change it. This has no impact on the result of your output file name if that was part of your concern.

    "store": {
      "use": [":original", "optimized", "100x100"],
      "robot": "/s3/store",
      "bucket": "",
      "bucket_region": "",
      "key": "",
      "secret": "",
      "path": "images/${}/${}/${file.url_name}",

This is the robot that will store my files and I wish the resulting url would not have “:original” in it, specifically the colon. It just hurts my eyes. A part from that everything works fine. Is there another to do this? Thank you.