Custom original path in a template

Hello, guys!

I´m writing a template to migrate a bucket from Digital Ocean Space to Google Cloud Storage.
I need that folder structure will be the same because it is for backups.
My template is similar to this

  "steps": {
    "imported": {
      "robot": "/digitalocean/import",
      "result": true,
      "credentials": "digitalocean",
      "path": "javi/",
      "recursive": true
    "exported": {
      "robot": "/google/store",
      "use": "imported",
      "credentials": "google",
      "path": "${file.original_path}${file.original_name}"

It generate all my folder structure, but the original_path include also the prefix of Digital Ocean Space.

Can I manipulate the original_path in my template for avoid this unnecesary prefix?
I need help about this issue.