Flask-Tus updates? In general, projects implementing Tus

I notice a lot of open source projects based on Tus have not been updated in years - as is the case with https://github.com/matthoskins1980/Flask-Tus

I made updates to Flask-Tus and it now works much better than the latest release at the above repo. I have contacted the maintainer.

But… whats the procedure for adding a new server or client implementation to the list of projects implementing Tus? And how are old, no longer supported and no longer WORKING, projects removed? Flask-Tus does not currently work.

If anyone cares to check out my updates, they are here: https://github.com/jzwolak/Flask-Tus

I have not yet taken care to make the implementation “correct” and complete, but it works with the latest Uppy for my particular use case.

Hi Jason, apologies for the delayed response!

Amazing, that’s nice to read!

There’s no bureaucratic procedure for this. You just let us know (per mail, GitHub, forum etc) that you have a new implementation and want it be listed, and we will do the rest. If you prefer you can also add it on your own at https://github.com/tus/tus.io/blob/master/_content/implementations.md and send us a PR for.

Frankly, we do not remove old projects as it is though (if not impossible) for us to determine if a project is not working anymore. That being said, there is also a benefit in listing unmaintained projects, even if it’s just for inspiration for future implementations IMO. However, if an author would like it to be removed, we will not hesitate to do so.