Does some protocol executable specification exists?


I’m working on my own TUS server implementation in python/flask, do you have some executable specification to check that an implementation is correct? Looking in the documentation and github I didn’t find it. By now I started to use python client to write my own tests

I think that it’s interesting have some project like that to be aware of the implementation it’s fully compatible with the protocol, I’m not sure if in the community already exists the project

Hi Dani,

it’s great to hear that you are working on a Python server. Have you seen the existing implementations using Flask (Implementations | tus)?

The idea of a server implementation testing tool is a very good one and we had this thought in the past, but sadly not the resources to act on it. Therefore, I do not think such a tool exists yet.

We normally test our server against tus-js-client since it implements most features, but the tus-python-client should also suffice.

Hope that helps!

Thanks Marius!

I knew about the existence of an implementation that was forked in github a couple of times. I’m using this fork of another fork as starting point XD GitHub - gnubyte/Flask-Tus: Flask Extension implementing the server side resumable upload protocol

This implementation uses redis as storage and I want refactor all the code and make the files storage changeable (like ports&adapters architecture), this is because by now in my company we prefer avoid introduce new infrastructure and try to use S3 multipart upload support directly.

Before that I’d prefer to have a consistent test suite to ensure that all integrated works well and work in parallel changes

Sounds good! Hopefully you will be successful!

If you want to help build a server testing tool, let me know and we can try to work out a plan.