What version of Uppy am I using?

Is there a way to tell what version of Uppy is being used on a page? My project has a few pieces, one of which bundles an older version of Uppy, and I want to make sure I am using the latest one. (I realize that this isn’t an ideal situation, but it’s the one I find myself in…)

If you just want to check the version one off and you’re using the CDN, you could check the URL to see the particular version. But if you’re bundling it yourself, it is probably difficult to tell the version, without just checking a package.json (which I assume isn’t an option). I’m not too sure how you would go about getting it programmatically, as Uppy doesn’t ship with a runtime way to check this.

If you think a feature like that would help, open an issue here

Hopefully this was helpful,
- Andrew