Download button?


I’ve been searching in the documentation for a download/export button but I haven’t found anything yet. Is there such option?

Hi, what would you expect this button to do? There are several things that could be downloaded:

What would be the use case for you? If you only want to try out Uppy quickly, the CDN bundle would be what makes the most sense, but also, you don’t need to download it explicitly, you could use the CDN URL as shown in the docs examples. The upside of this approach is that it’s quick to setup, but your users would end up downloading a bunch of unused code since the bundle contains all the Uppy plugins.
If you want to integrate Uppy in a web project, your best bet is to use npm and a code bundler, so your app will contain code only from the plugins you use.

So what would you think makes the most sense here? Certainly the bundle looks like the most “one size fit all” solution, but it’s also not a recommended solution for production, so I’m not sure we would want to market that too much.

  1. by dist I mean the files that are ready to be consumed by a web browser or a code bundler. ↩︎