What respond to a upload from Uppy in XHR

Hello there,

I develop my own server with express and multer to handle upload of image.
I simply use this to handle image :

app.post('/upload', upload.single('file'), (req, res) => {

and my uppy config is here :

const uppy = new Uppy({
        	debug: true, 
      		autoProceed: false,
  			allowMultipleUploadBatches: false,
  			restrictions: {
  				maxNumberOfFiles: 1,
  				maxFileSize: 10000000,
  				allowedFileTypes: ['image/*'],
      .use(Dashboard, {
            inline: true,
  			target: '#drag-drop-area',
  			height: '26vw',
  			width: '26vw',
  			proudlyDisplayPoweredByUppy: false,
  			fontsize: '1.5vw',
        .use(XHRUpload, { 
            endpoint: "/upload",
            getResponseData (responseText) {

But i get this error in the navigator each time I send a file :
caught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'url') at XMLHttpRequest.<anonymous> (index.js:317:27) (
I supposed I need to send more information and not only the filename on the server but, have tried to send a lot of different data and nothing works.

Do you know how to fix it ?