What is the correct way to get current uppy state in React 18?

I’m using React 18 (remix) and "@uppy/core": "^2.3.4",.

I wanted a simpler custom Uploader UI for my use case, so I wanted to access current files in the state(meaning with their upload progress data when changes occur) but both uppy.getState() and uppy.getFiles() returned nothing.

I have used "@uppy/store-default": "^3.0.2" by initializing uppy store with new DefaultStore(), yet not changes. Must I use Redux? I wanted to use the defaultStore to test before finalizing implementation.

I must be missing something. Pointing me to docs or any clue will be much appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi, I haven’t seen this before. Uppy needs to be client-side rendered so something might be wrong if you’re using Remix and render server-side. A reproducible example would help. We have a template on codesandbox, although not in Remix.