Vue3 StatusBar not showing Progress

So I’m using Vue3 composition API and companion along with the Uppy component to get my uploader working. Using uppy as a ref that is applied onMounted I can successfully upload files to my companion S3 endpoint, and the debug console info is looking fine. It installs vue:StatusBar to the right DOM component and uploads the file to S3 giving me the progress in the console. OTOH the StatusBar component does not show progress in any way.

Furthermore, tracking the progress hook with

uppy.value.on("progress", (progress) => {
    console.log("progress", progress);

gives me a useful “progress 0” despite the instance debug telling me
[Uppy] [21:28:37] [AwsS3/XHRUpload] 9HrHjgGasQyh1btIml3il progress: 6340608 / 7560634

If anyone can give me an idea as to why this is really not playing ball, I’d be very glad to hear it

Thanks in desperation,