[Uppy Vue] Cannot Drag and drop when using plugins status bar

I’m using uppy-vue with plugins drag drop and status bar. i used status bar to action in doneButtonHandler.

< div class=" card-add-image"> < dashboard :uppy="uppy" :plugins="['StatusBar', 'DragDrop']"/> </ div>

uppy: function(){
            let upp = new Uppy({
                restrictions: {
                maxNumberOfFiles: 10,
                meta: {
                    sequence: this.$store.getters.getid_project
            upp.use(DragDrop, {
             .use(StatusBar, {
                hideAfterFinish: false,
                showProgressDetails: false,
                hideUploadButton: false,
                hideRetryButton: false,
                hidePauseResumeButton: false,
                hideCancelButton: false,
                doneButtonHandler: async ()=> {
                    const url = process.env.VUE_APP_URL
                    await axios.get(url)
                    .then((response => {   
                         this.data = response.data.results
                         this.isImageModalActive= false
            return upp.use( XHRload, {
                endpoint:  process.env.VUE_APP_BACKEND,
                fieldName: 'eqimage',
                timeout: 0                

when i’m using this code i can’t drag drop in dashboard, but when i remove status i could using drag drop. What’s the problem with my code?