DragDrop in Vue page using @uppy/vue components

Uppy is mounted as Dashboard on a Vue 3 page using <script setup lang="ts"> and @uppy/vue.

All work fine except the DragDrop feature.

When I try to drag a file to gray dashboard it show a red circle icon.

<script setup lang="ts">
  import '@uppy/core/dist/style.min.css'
  import '@uppy/dashboard/dist/style.min.css'
  import '@uppy/drag-drop/dist/style.min.css'
  import '@uppy/progress-bar/dist/style.min.css'
  import { Dashboard, DashboardModal, DragDrop, ProgressBar } from '@uppy/vue'

  import Uppy from '@uppy/core'
  import XHRUpload from '@uppy/xhr-upload'

  const uppy = computed(() => {
    return new Uppy({
      .use(DragDrop, { target: '#drag-drop' })       <=== here the target has an error (see below)
      .use(XHRUpload, {
         endpoint: 'http://localhost:5000/files/?targetFolder=xyz',
        fieldName: 'file'

    <Dashboard :uppy="uppy" :open="open" :props="{ width: '100%', onRequestCloseModal: handleClose, proudlyDisplayPoweredByUppy: false }" />

The error on target attribute is :
Object literal may only specify known properties, and 'target' does not exist in type 'PluginOptions'.ts(2353)

Any chance to work ? Thank’s in advance