Video watermark

Is it possible to use transparant videos as a watermark?

Use case:

  • I put music under a static album cover.
  • I would like to show to people that this actually not is a normal picture (they need to unmute audio).
  • Idea is to add some animation on top.

Maybe an animated gif will do too? But video is even nicer.

The idea is actually like the automatic-spotify-preview blog post by @MSSNG

Although I use a template and grab all the stuff together in PHP.

I did some tests with a watermark, it’s doesn’t accept video (tried .mov and .mp4), but it does accept GIF. Unfortunatily an animated gif shows up as a static 1 frame gif.

See the result:

As attachment the gif (doesn’t show up, because it falls away in this forum, since it’s transparant background with white).