Uppy / Robodog & Signature Authentication

Hi folks,

  • I’m going to use Robodog with the Dashboard UI incl. Image Editor to allow users to upload images to my app
  • this chain will include a few transloadit robots via an assemply which in the end exports encoded images to google storage (or edgly if that turns out to be working fine)
  • I’ve been reading Uppy & Transloadit docs for the past three days but there’s one thing I’m not sure I grasp entirely yet: Signature Authentication
  1. My use case is user uploads via Uppy, not from existing images in one of my backend service storage buckets such as google storage or AWS S3: do I need or does it make sense, and if so, is it possible to use signature authentication for user uploads through Uppy?
  2. where do I find info on Uppy in combination with signature authentication? I’ve asked google quite a bit and also read Integration Docs | Transloadit but afaict what’s described/explained there is uploading existing data to transloadit from one of my backend buckets but not the use case where I’m dealing with ad-hoc user uploads to transloadit :thinking: