Auto upload for dashboard?

I’m using the robodog dashboard but I’d like the images to upload automatically as soon as they are dragged onto the dashboard. Is this possible please? I couldn’t see an option for it.


From what I could tell reading from the documentation, this is not currently possible. However, there is a chance that I missed a property or method that may have helped with this.

I believe you have two options for automatically uploading for the time being:

  1. Use Uppy instead of RoboDog. This docs link demonstrates drag and drop with auto proceed
  2. Continue using RoboDog but create a custom interface

The main issue with both of these problems is that they take away the ease of use of integrating Companions and they both involve large modifications to the body of code

I’ll continue to comb through the source code and let you know when I’ve found a superior solution

  • Andrew
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Okay after some further research, I’ve found a fairly simple solution.

When you are creating your RoboDog dashboard, you can pass authProceed as an option


const uppy = Robodog.dashboard('#my-id', {
  autoProceed: true,
  // the rest of your config

That should make it so that whenever a user uploads a file, there is no confirmation.

I hope that helps!

- Andrew


Hi Andrew,
That’s great - that worked perfectly thank you!