Uppy: Pause\Resume problems

Hi All,

I’m developing a custom uppy UI where i have the pause\resume global button and a pause\resume button for each file that i’m uploading.

After few tests i saw that if you play with the global pause\resume button and the pause\resume button for each file, creating a mixed situation for the files pause\resume state, there will be some problems with the uppy internal state for pause and resume and the effect will be that the file will still grow on pause for example.

Uplodading two files.
The upload start and there is no one file in pause.

I pause the file 1 using the uppy function uppy.pauseResume(file 1)
I got what is expected, the file pause the upload, and the other one (file 2) still go.

Then i click resume for all file (globally) using .uppy.resumeAll().
Even in this case i got what is expected, both file go in the upload(the file 1 that i paused it’s been resumed).

Then i pause again the file 1, uppy.pauseResume(file 1).
But now the file will be not in pause, and from now on i loose the control on the pause\resume for that file.

This behaviour let me think on a wrong internal handling for pause\resume state from uppy.
Can please someone check and do deep tests on this?

Waiting for a fix.