On internet disconnect and reconnect resuming fails

I am trying to integrate Uppy to our systems everything works fine including resuming pausing there is no problem. However on internet disconnect and reconnect i got [Uppy] [13:32:08] Tus: no files to upload!

The file is still in the widget on the page and if i hit pause and resume after re-connection it continues to upload the file with out a problem.

when i check


I can see my file there too.



data: File {name: "Navatom-1603035090-5f8d4fa31d3d42428277f4d1.tar.gz", lastModified: 1603103935443, lastModifiedDate: Mon Oct 19 2020 13:38:55 GMT+0300 (GMT+03:00), webkitRelativePath: "", size: 57930111761, …}
extension: "gz"
id: "uppy-navatom16030350905f8d4fa31d3d42428277f4d1targz-application/gzip-57930111761-1603103935443"
isPaused: true
isRemote: false
meta: {action: "ImsDefinitionPicture", number: "123123211", double: "12312321.3", name: "Navatom-1603035090-5f8d4fa31d3d42428277f4d1.tar.gz", type: "application/gzip"}
name: "Navatom-1603035090-5f8d4fa31d3d42428277f4d1.tar.gz"
preview: undefined    progress: {uploadStarted: 1603446446981, uploadComplete: false, percentage: 6, bytesUploaded: 3908763648, bytesTotal: 57930111761}
remote: ""
size: 57930111761
source: "Dashboard"
tus: {uploadUrl: ""}
type: "application/gzip"
 __proto__: Object

I am using Dashboard and Tus plugins. I can not get auto resume after reconnection to work. Can anyone please point me to the right direction, i don’t know what i am doing wrong.


By the way when i call uppyObject.resumeAll() from console it works fine.