Uppy generate two areas

Hello, I’m trying to do an integration using Uppy and Angular 6, I’m following this stack:

But am I realizing that my application is not responding the way I would like it? any indication about this problem ???

My codes:

ngAfterViewInit() {
const instance3 = Uppy({ autoProceed: false,
restrictions: {
maxFileSize: 1000000,
maxNumberOfFiles: 3,
minNumberOfFiles: 2,
allowedFileTypes: ['image/ *', 'video/* ']
.use(Dashboard, {
target: '.instance3',
trigger: '.UppyModalOpenerBtn',
replaceTargetContent: true,
inline: true,
.use(Tus, { endpoint: 'https://master.tus.io/files/' })

instance3.on('complete', (data) => console.log(data));


my html

<div class="row"> <br> <div class="instance3"></div> </div>

Seeing that this is an older question, the issue might be resolved by now. If it isn’t I’ll try to help

Looking at the template that you’ve sent, that works perfectly fine. I also tested with the code you sent and it was completely fine (minus some errors with restrictions but that’s not the topic at hand.

If you are still experiencing this issue, let me know
- Andrew