Integrating uppy uploader with angular 4 application

I want to integrate uppy with my angular code. I have installed using npm and added the css in angular-cli.json and the script file. When i run my angular app, i see the css file loaded under network tab but the js file is not loaded.

If anybody can give me some example how can i integrate the uppy fileuploader in angular 4.

Thanks in Advance.


Hi @vishi86_js, I’ve asked folks in this Angular thread to have a look here. In the meantime, is there a possibility you could add more details? Like browser console errors, screencapture gifs, integration code and exact dependency versions used? Any details would be helpful to assist you.

Hi @kvz, thanks for the reply.

I have added the comment in the the link which you provided.


Hi, Rimlin in that thread created an Angular example over at does that help?

Hi @kvz,

I just imported the code to my ide and tried start the application. There were errors while starting the application. Tried to resolve those but did not work. Have to look into that.


@vishi86_js Hi, this is working for you now, right, can we resolve this?