Upload giving 404

I am having problems uploading images to my own server, both online, and local with xampp.

I have copied the uploader from the examples.

On the line
.use(Uppy.Tus, {endpoint: ‘https://master.tus.io/files/’}) //you can put upload URL here, where you want to upload images

Using this endpoint, I get instant upload, but when I amended the endpoint to point to my own servers, I always get a 404. I have a (separate) simple uploader, (standard $_files POST), which uploads to the same folders without issue.

Both the uppy and separate simple uploader files are in
/test/simpleupload/ folder

I have tried both of these as folders to receive the files:
/uploads and

The URLs that I have used as endpoints are

All bring up a 404.

What am I doing wrong? What have I missed?

Hello Pete,

could you please give more detail on your setup? In particular, which tus server are you using (e.g. tusd)?

Ah!! You have found the issue!!!

I found the link, which I gave in the original post, via a search. And that page never mentions a server!

Time to setup tusd…
So I found the tusd code, which I downloaded to my Windows PC with xampp.

I ran it with
tusd.exe -host -port 1088
My localhost is I created a folder localhost/files

I ended up with the message “You can now upload files to:

I am using xampp and vhosts, and run the upload program from
http localfaces/test/simpleupload/test3.php
it’s vanilla php, 7.4.22

When I run the upload program, I now see it uploading, but stops with an error “HTTP wrapper does not support writeable connections.” This I would assume is because I am trying to cross domains with move_uploaded_file().

Should I change the upload code, or can I load tusd into http://localfaces/ ? It has the same IP,

Thanks for your assistance - there are so many options that I am little overwhelmed at the moment, and trying to find my way through!

I don’t understand this error. Where is it coming from? Is this a PHP error? If so, I can barely help you as I am no PHP expert? Please not that if you want to upload from PHP to tusd you need a tus php client. If you want to upload from your web front end to tusd, you can use Uppy, as you did before.