Upload archive files (rar,zip)

Hi, I’m developing a site and unable to add rar and zip files to allowedFileTypes.
Trying with value:
['image/*', 'video/*', 'application/zip', 'application/x-rar-compressed', 'application/vnd.rar']
The default error message is shown when trying to upload a winrar created rar or zip file:
You can only upload: image/*, video/*, application/zip, application/x-rar-compressed, application/vnd.rar
What is wrong here?
PLS help!

Hi! Which browser are you using? It’s possible that one doesn’t recognise RAR files correctly.

As a workaround, you can add acceptable extensions to your list:

['application/vnd.rar', '.rar']

Now, if the browser doesn’t recognise the vnd.rar MIME type, files named xyz.rar will still be accepted.


Great solution! Thanks! Did not find anything about this anywhere, and di look multiple times… It was chrome. And it works with ‘.zip’ too.