File restrictions to only ISO files

I want to configure Uppy to accept only .iso files(Disk Image Files). What should the allowed allowedFileTypes be in order to accept only ISO files.

Hey! Wikipedia claims .iso files have a mime type of application/x-iso9660-image, but unfortunately Uppy does not detect that, and I think many browsers don’t either. Chrome detects application/x-cd-image, and Firefox doesn’t detect it at all.

Currently `allowedFileTypes# only works with mime types; perhaps we should allow extensions as well for this use case?

Yes, file extensions should be allowed to define file types. I am working with “exotic” files (as one user mentioned it) and there is no magic number or well defined mime type. The files are AB1 files and Genbank files. AB1 does have a unique first few characters that could be used to identify it. Genbank is a plain text format that would be hard to reliably detect by the first few characters. In both cases, I would really like to just give the extensions and have Uppy restrict based on extension, when it can.

@jzwolak We actually added support for that in this PR!

so you can now do:

allowedFileTypes: ['.iso', '.ext', 'application/some-mime-type']

and it will allow things that have one of those extensions or that have that mime type.