Unable to connect to google drive

I am unable to connect to google drive dropbox and other third party plugins

Hi @Ravikiran could you please share or describe the error/issues you are facing when you try to connect to these providers?

when we clicked on the button of google or dropbox, it is redirecting to another site but the authentication is not happening.

clicking on the google button it will first redirect to the below url
then again it will redirect it to

and finally it will not authenticate or the intermediate page to give the credentials of google is not coming.
and also you can see the http is appending to third party call as mentioned in the attached image.

Please have a loo and help us in resolving the issue

Thank you

Hi can you please have a look at my issue.

the issue is from your companion configuration. You shouldn’t add the protocol when setting the server options, you should not include the protocol in the URL. So it should look something like this>

server: {
  host: "companion-dev.quaqua.com", // or yourdomain.com
  protocol: "https"