Timer Uppy is displaying "NaNh NaNm" instead of the estimated time left

I am using custom button to upload file, but the timer Uppy is displaying “NaNh NaNm” instead of the estimated time left.

window.InitializeUppy = function () {
    const TUS_ENDPOINT = window.location.origin + '/files';

    const uppyDashboard = new Uppy({
        logger: debugLogger
    .use(Dashboard, {
        inline: true,
        target: "#uppy",
        showProgressDetails: true,
    .use(DropTarget, {
        target: document.body
    .use(Tus, { endpoint: TUS_ENDPOINT, limit: 6 });

    window.uppy = uppyDashboard;

window.UploadClicked = function () {
    uppy = window.uppy;

Is there something missing in my custom upload function?

Hi, this may be a bug. If you can reproduce this in a small video, a bug report would be appreciated. Thanks!

It’s a known bug, it has hopefully already been fixed by @uppy/status-bar: fix ETA when Uppy recovers its state by aduh95 · Pull Request #4525 · transloadit/uppy · GitHub, which has not yet made its way into a release. If you can test that and report back, that would be appreciated.

Hi, I am using npm and new with npm stuff. how to install unreleased version of uppy/status-bar to test it?

Testing unreleased packages is a pain I reckon, you often need to build from source and link it with you project. Thankfully, we just released a new version of Uppy with the fix, so you won’t need to do that :slight_smile: Do you want to try with @uppy/status-bar v3.2.1 and report back?

Awesome… unfortunately in my project it still show NaNh NaNm. Maybe it has something to do with my project. I am using Blazor WebAssembly. If you want to try here’s my project GitHub - benny-adiwijaya/UppyBlazorWASM: Implementation Uppy with Blazor WebAssembly

We’ve just released v3.2.2, with another fix, hopefully that fixes the issue for you. Can you please try it out and report back?

Cool, it works… thanks