Theming uppy dashboard

My designers want to change the look-and-feel of uppy, what’s the best way to go about theming it?

Specifically I’d like to:

  • Change the size of the window (maxHeight/maxWidth works)
  • Move the instruction text which seems to use absolute positioning
  • Get rid of the icon
  • Make it look more like a drag-n-drop area (no shadows…)

Is the best thing just to download the source and play with the scss files? Or is there a more standard way of overriding stuff?

Hi! As of right now its best to provide your own CSS with overrides (so no need to touch Uppy CSS, which changes with every release); the icon, for instance, could be hidden with .uppy-Dashboard-bgIcon .UppyIcon { display: none }.

Speaking of shadows, there should be none when using inline: true in Dashboard: