Sapper example - does it exist?

Hi, I could find the Svelte sample code on github, is there one for Sapper as well?

At the moment, there isn’t a Sapper example for Uppy. As the author of the Svelte Integration, I’m pretty sure that there isn’t too much of a reason to have an example for Sapper. As far as I know, the examples don’t really exist to provide a template, but rather to show how the integrations would look in an application.

Either way, I don’t think the current integration supports SSR. There might be some way to disable SSR on certain components, like Next.js has, but I’m not familar enough with Sapper to say.

To summarize, there isn’t a Sapper example because: SSR isn’t supported and the code would be the same as the Svelte example anyway. If you still think that it’s necessary, feel free to open an issue, and we can discuss this with the rest of the Uppy team

Hope this helps,
- Andrew