Can't resize uppy svelte dashboard dynamically

Hello and thanks in advance, appreciate the help.

I am attempting to use the Uppy Svelte control (Seems I can only put a max of two links here sorry).

I would like to be able to get the Uppy dashboard control to be responsive to the resizing of the browser window. I have been unable to get it to respond as I’d like (… and am pretty sure I’ve missed something simple.). Though delving a little deeper into the Transloadit codebase, I can’t figure out how updating the width and height properties ever impact anything after the object is constructed (which seems to be the only place the ContainerWidth is updated).

I tried to create a repro using CodeSandbox and following this example:

Appologies in advance, I can’t even get that to build, let alone resize dynamically. I’d appreciate some pointers. Thankyou!

Repro: wonderful-grass-1655yz - CodeSandbox