`response` is always empty


I’m using Uppy with React.js and when my tus server returns a 401 error for example, it does trigger the upload-error but the response parameter is always undefined (whereas in my browser network section I can see the error).

If I look into the file parameter there in nothing. Only the error has some information about 401 but it’s all stringified so it’s complicated to do regexp on this… it would make no sense.

I searched a lot but didn’t find someone in the same case. Any idea what could cause this? My component managing Uppy looks like: mediature/Uploader.tsx at dev · inclusion-numerique/mediature · GitHub

Thank you,

It’s maybe related to my other issue… Having a `500` code error triggers the `upload-success` event · Issue #4324 · transloadit/uppy · GitHub looks like response are not passed from tus client to Uppy… any idea?