Per-Upload Azure Container

I would like some of the files I upload to be protected, and some of the files to be publicly accessible.

AFAIK, the only way to do this in Azure is to upload to different containers.

And with tusd, this will require two instances of tusd running. There is no other way to accomplish this with tusd, correct?

I suppose using Docker Compose to spin up two different tusd instances pointing to different upload containers is the way to go.

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I cannot comment on this Azure-part, although it seems odd that Azure would not support per-file access configuration. That should be doable with S3.

Yes, for now, one tusd instance per destination (e.g. Azure container, S3 bucket, file directory). Since many people ask for this, we will change this in the future, but there is no schedule made yet.

indeed, this would be an interesting feature, as we also plan to use different azure containers dynamically behind a tusd-server depending on the upload metadata.

Thanks for the feedback. We don’t have any plans right now to add support for multiple storage configurations in a single tusd instance, but we will keep it on our radar.