OneDrive provider on Azure webapp

This week I updated the Uppy component and Companion server (to 1.7.0 version) to use OneDrive provider.
I have an implementation between Uppy(Angular)-Companion(NodeJS)-Tus(dotnet core) on Azure.
In local environment I haven’t issues with OneDrive Microsoft authentication, but when I publish Companion to Azure I have URL’s and header requests large length problems.
The main problem is with token size after JWT Companion module sign the original Microsoft token.
I researched on the problem with Microsoft/OneDrive token. The original Microsoft token size is ~700 characters and after JWT signed, the token grow up to ~5000 chars. The original size is because this account have several services associated (Google, SharePoint, etc) and I suppose Microsoft add a lot of claims inside token. I search on web and is a know issue, Microsoft is working in a new login url to generate the token with less information, but I think Companion would be solve it changing the way to sign the token and generate the information. Maybe if the token original size is large than ‘x’ characters the process would be other. I know some encrypt and sign algorithms like RS516 generate long tokens, but when I change the algorithm used in Companion generate a long token too.
How I can solve this issue without change token?
I change the limit on Azure webapp but not works.

Thanks in advance
Matias Creimerman

I think is necessary to do a change on JWT sign and Uppy token encryption.
The difference between JWT sign and Uppy token is a 100%.
Microsoft token = ~700 characters
JWT sign token = ~2500 characters
Uppy token = ~5000 characters
Azure has a limit on URL and headers size.