Node engine to >= 18 update

I’m currently working with Uppy, which relies on tus for its functionality. However, Uppy employs a minor change semver strategy for its tus dependency. This results in automatically updating to the latest tus version, currently 3.1.2. This version requires Node >= 18, which is causing compatibility issues with my Angular 13 setup that only supports Node 16. I’m contemplating whether to raise this issue with the Uppy team. Alternatively, should we consider this update as a major change? In that case, the caret (^) symbol in the version specification wouldn’t automatically upgrade to version 3.1.2, thus avoiding this conflict. Your insights on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

I’m sorry, that is my fault. I accidentally included Drop support for Node 14 and 16 by Acconut · Pull Request #628 · tus/tus-js-client · GitHub in the last patch release v3.1.2. I will revert that in a v3.1.3 release and then publish v4 without support for Node < 18.

That being said, tus-js-client itself should work fine for those Node versions. Just its devDependencies don’t work in those versions anymore. So if you are just using tus-js-client and not developing itself, you should be able to ignore the restriction in the engine field.

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I agree that such a change should not have landed in a patch. That being said, still running Node.js 16 is a big risk and sooner or later more dependencies will start failing as it’s end of life. I understand that depending on the organisation and app size that’s easier said than done but it’s good to emphasise.

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Done: Release v4.0.0 · tus/tus-js-client · GitHub and Release v3.1.3 · tus/tus-js-client · GitHub

Thank you for notifying us.

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Thank you so much :blush::muscle: